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Sean was hanging around the park sitting down and smoking when a woman about 20 feet away forgot her purse and kept walking.So Sean jumped up and ran to the purse grabbed it and kept running. when he was out of sight he opened the tan purse he just stole he saw a bag of what looked like dip score "Sean said" he took a big handful and shoved it in his mouth.when he started chewing his body froze but he could still see his clothing fell to the ground as he shrunk in sizes his fuck shrunk, eyebrows grew larger and his head shrunk and his lips became soft and plump. his black hair fell out and new soft Brown curly locs shot out. his shoulders got smaller and his stomach fat went to his ass, and two c cup breasts plumped out.his waist grew his dick shot back inside him and womanhood replaced manhood. her all her body hair ( chest,legs ect) fell off and her legs shrunk and hands and feet became small and soft. The now puddle of clothing formed into a back thong and slid up her legs and took its place,and a black Lacey bra did the same on her chest.The rest of the clothing formed into a sexy black dress. her shoes reformed into a pair of open toe heels that matched the purse perfectly.Then the purse flew on her head and earrings,makeup,lipstick found their rightful places,and standing in there in the park Sasha thought "I'll never steal again".
xmarilix Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
I would like to find a bag like that  n///n 
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