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Tucker was a good music teacher but a bad perverted man at UCF and he liked this stunning blonde russian girl Stacy that he some how managed to get her to be his assistant. One day he had a lot of exams to grade and Stacy walked in.Hi stacy "tucker said"in a Shakey and nervous voice. oh hello tucker "Stacy said". Do you need anything "she asked" actually yah I need to grade papers do you mind helping me "he said" sure anything you need "she said" when going to hand her the papers he "accidentally" dropped them. shit I'm sorry "he said" Stacey bend down to pick them up her ass was showing from under her skirt. Stacy "tucker said " no to be rude but you have a nice ass. WHAT THE FUCK "Stacy said" that so piggish why you say something like that, If you like mine so much than why don't you have your own, she took a strange looking jar out of her pocket with black slime in it and threw it on the ground near him when I broke she said " A super sluty college girl that gets fucked by all the jocks" this will teach you to mess with Russian women "Stacy said".Then the slime grew into a puddle under him and encased him and got air tight then his manly build shrunk and became more feminine. Then the slime evaporated into him fully the him into a brunette in her twenties. what did you do to me she asked Stacy. oh sorry I forgot. Voice activation bimbo mind mode brain configuration new memories and name Tasha . Jesus Christ I swear these Nanobots never do what I want "stacy said". How do you feel sasha? "Stacy asked" dizzy teach "Sasha said". shortly after being dazed for a few minutes she got up and left to find the football team. and Stacy never saw Tasha again. a few years later in a meeting the super attendant asked what's happening to all of the music teachers?" Stacy laughed".
xmarilix Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
I'm sure you'll enjoy life more this way.  n////n 
TGCapsLover Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
nice bimbo mode
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